Oleh Smolikevych

Front End Developer

Front End Developer with passion building web pages and apps with React.js.

Services I offer

Since the beginning of my journey as a front end developer I've finished multiple courses where I practiced building web pages and apps using modern technologies. I have done freelance work for people and small businesses.

Front End Development

Building user-friendly web pages using modern tools

Tools I use


CSS / TailwindCSS, Bootstrap frameworks

Javascript, Tailwind, React.js, Next.js, other libraries and frameworks

Creating Web pages using builders & IT Support

Creating and updating SEO focused web pages. Site hosting. Business email management and providing tech support for proper and effective workflow

Tools I use


GoDaddy, Wordpress, Netlify, Vercel

Microsoft 365 / Microsoft Power Automate



Front End Developer Career Path

Responsive Web Design

JavaScript Deep Dive

Advanced React


Kevin Powell | CSS

CSS Evangelist. Teacher, Youtube content creator with over 600k subscribers

Bob Ziroll | React

Head of Education at Scrimba, contributor Freecodecamp